Ultimate Relaxation Gift Set

Ultimate Relaxation Gift Set

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For the ultimate in relaxation and wellness.


For those time when you need a little help in unwinding and preparing for your best night's sleep we have created the following gift set:


The Unwinder candle - to transport you to a state of complete zen.

Including lavender and rose geranium to manage stress and anxiety, fresh lemon to bring positivity and vetiver to promote relaxation.

Light this candle after a hard day when you need to de-stress and unwind.


The Dreamer candle and pillow mist - the one for blissful sleep. 

Including lavender and clary sage for their sedative powers and calming effect on the mind and cedarwood and bergamot for balance and comfort.

Light the candle before bedtime to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity and spray the pillow mist on your pillow and bed covers to carry you into that sweet slumber.


Each candle has a 35+ hour burn time / 150g.

Each mist can last up to 6 months / 100ml

150g candle in amber glass jar with aluminium lid


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