The Enchantress Aromatherapy Home Mist

The Enchantress Aromatherapy Home Mist


You are a spritz away from entering a world of enchantment...

Scent: Top notes of heady patchouli mingled with sweet, floral rose geranium on a bed of earthy cedarwood and a splash of refreshing peppermint.


Smells Like: Musky-earthy, slightly sweet with a refreshing finish.


Wellness Benefits: A blend designed to lift your spirits and ease anxiety for a perfect night in.


Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine Base (renewable and eco-friendly) and Essential Oils (no synthetic fragrances).


Usage: Lightly spritz around your room, sit back and enjoy. Pair this mist with it's perfect partner The Enchantress Aromatherapy Candle to boost the scent even further.


Size: Lasts up to 6 months / 100ml.

100ml home mist in amber glass bottle with silver atomiser and cap


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